August 12th, 2007

  • akitrom

Where are the Alternate Class Features?

I have some spare time and a little masochistic streak going on, and I wanted to track down and list all the "alternative class feetures" I can find. I found some in:
  • Players Handbook II
  • Dungeoncraft
  • Stormwrack
  • Complete Mage
  • Complete Champion

What other sourcebooks should I look through?
Bill by Binkette
  • rio

Looking for sources of information on....

4 things: (all Forgotten Realms)

Citadel Adbar (i'm sure the FRCS has a good entry on this...or at least hope it does. Or Silver Marches has it..)
Cold Wood
Tulren's Tent (within Cold Wood)
Thradulf's Camp (also within C.W.)

Currently I am away for all my books, friends books, etc etc. In the middle of moving so I have limited time as well. Any references in books, mags, webpages, etc. that you know of please reply here so that I can check at a later date.

Thanks in advance!
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