July 1st, 2007

runechild (Arcana Evolved)

Smart animals.

I'm on a verge of making house-rule about animal intelligence, but in some doubt of how I should do that...

Animals have intelligence of 1 or 2. "Anything with Int higher than 2 can't be an animal". They often have high wisdom and skill bonuses to represent their natural cunning, but still low Int stat leaves them with 1 skill point per HD. When roleplaying an animal I often bump into lack of crucial skills: some don't have Move Silently, some - Survival, some - Hide...

The world of nature is a harsh place, survival of the fittest. You are either smart, strong or eaten. So, real wild animals are all but stupid. They learn, risk, notice, communicate, experiment, remember, teach their young... Of course, they don't have deep language, don't write books, don't crack equations in mind, but still... They are not so int-impaired as d20 suggests.

Done with explanation, let's get to buisness.

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So, is it OK or not?

EDIT: third solution added.
EDIT: added variant to second solution (thanks, jeweldevil)
EDIT: added guidelines for manually assigning Int score to animals.