April 9th, 2007

Sir Black

Alter self for fun and profit

I'm looking for forms I can take with Alter self, specifically forms that will save my ass.

I'd like forms that can either:

A) Fly
B) Burrow
C) Swim (And breath water, if Alter Self allows for that)
D) Have some sort of natural combat ability

Flight is my chief priority, since I'd love to provide air support for my party with my spells.

appropriate challenge for party

I'm about to throw my party up against a camp of Orcs and ogres. I want to have it be an appropriate level of challenge, but I don't want the party to die. I have a nice setup for it, but I'm unsure of how many enemies to throw in there.

The party is 6th level, and there are 6 of them - 1 shaman (think druid), 1 rogue, 1 barbarian, 1 fighter, 1 sorceror/fighter, 1 wizard

In the camp, so far, I have about 15 orcs, 3 orcs with one level of fighter, a half-fiend ogre, and 2 regular ogres. That seems like the party will stomp them. It is at night, but there are enough bonfires to easily see by. The party will probably have time to prepare/enable spells, and are currently unwounded. They do not have mounts and the camp is walled with logs.

(no subject)

Lucky you are.. I live in the North of Russia and it is difficult to me to get materials to play D&D. Well a few days ago i bought an official PHB 3,5. But i don't have a DMG and MM. Vaybe i'll have a chance to purchase these 2 books.