January 5th, 2007


New Character

I ditched the Warmage idea, too much to learn in a short period of time.

Anyway, I decided on a human fighter(I know, bo-ring), but that extra feat and skill points always seem to outweigh the other race bonuses to me. I'm interested in hearing some ideas for advancement in the core rules and possibly Complete Warrior. I might switch to a class out of Complete Warrior before the game starts too.

As it stands, the three feats I took were Weapon Focus(Greatsword - hard to pass up 2D6+3 damage at level 1 with a threat of 19-20), Power Attack, and Cleave(STR 17). I might change that up based on comments or something I see in CW.

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Posing as a member of another class

I'm building a CG human cleric who starts the game in hiding as a paladin. Anyone have tips on pulling this off?

So far, I've got:
* Domain: good, handily provides the aura of goodness (along with being an integral part of the character as I intend to play her)
* Domain: trickery, the Persuasive feat, and a maxed out bluff skill
* EWP: bastard sword, to cover the fact that clerics can't use other swords. (And if I'm going to spend a feat, it may as well be on a one-handed weapon that yields 1d10 damage. Additionally, I have a dex penalty, and a shield helps raise my AC to something worthwhile.)

I may take L2 as fighter, if I have to keep up the illusion that long.