December 15th, 2006



A buddy wants to play a warlock, but doesn't want to shell out of the money for Complete Arcana(that's the right book, isn't it?). I'm not exactly in a position to just go out and buy it - on an amphibious warship. I have no problem buying it when I get home, but I'd like him to be able to create a character now. Is there a place where the warlock abilities are listed on the web?

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Tomorrow for my game I want to run a chase scene. The characters are heading across the desert on Sand Skiffs (from Sandstorm), and I want to do an encounter where they find themselves being pursued and attacked by guys riding Ashworms. Kind of like the guys from the next car on the freeway trying to kill you.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to run this kind of encounter? Variables to use, checks to make, mechanics for various actions?