October 23rd, 2006


Believing your own illusions

Any of you guys Star Trek fans? In one TNG episode, Lt. Barclay goes to the Holodeck and livs in his fantasies - seducing Counselor Troi, sucker punching Commander Riker, being smarter than Geordi, etc.

Could someone do that in the D&D universe? Not necessarily create entire environments, but maybe a person or two to interact with. I have a very lonely sorceress in my campaign, and, well, she was wondering if she could use an illusion for more than just fooling the baddies. (Yeah, she could go get a boyfriend, but this is more fun. :D) How powerful a spell would she need to use? Would Major Image suffice, or would you want to use a persistent image or programmed image? Obviously, if this is something for amusement's sake, lower level is better.


Stuff your gullet!

So, my players finally defeated a black dragon that had been hounding them. They were in a town for the battle (she sought them out) and now the dead dragon is lying in the street in town, being dissected and chopped up. The players want to eat the dragon, and take it's hide for armor.

Anyone know some rules or such about these things?

I thought the Draconomicon had rules on skinning a dragon, but didn't see them. And... eating a dragon's bits? I mean sure, steak for the entire town! But I'm thinking I let them butcher it up as one would a deer or cow, and away we go. But, still... I dunno. Gross. She was sentient, too, is that an alignment violation or something? LOL Just... icky.
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Okay... I might just be overlooking a table somewhere, but what is the starting age and random height\weight generation for Goliaths...? Do Goliath Barbarians retain their Illiteracy and Fast movement when taking Racial Substitution levels...? I'd like to think they do, but I'm not sure... "...at the cost of some of the barbarians traditional agility..." Either I can read but I'm slow-moving, or I'm fast but illiterate... And, does Knowledge Nature count as a class skill for ALL my barbarian levels, or just the substitution ones...? And do I have darkvision or not...? As a monstrous humanoid, I should, but the Dawncaller Prestige class seems to grant it to you at 1st level... WTF...?

I'm keeping my darkvision...