October 10th, 2006

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  • akitrom

Seeking build advice

I'd like to design a fighter PC with an emphasis on mounter combat with lance. What skills, feats, prestige classes would you folks recommend? Would phantom steed be a good way to get a mount when I need one?
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  • gimp101

Age of Worms fun...

So, I'm 4th level now... Goliath Barbarian, taking all the alternative race levels. We in Dourstone mines, wasted all the Zealots of Hextor (pussies, the lot of them), now moving through Erythnul caves... Damned Grimlocks... But I did something very cool, and so did my brother... He's a Reptilian Half-Orc Scout 3... We're climbing down a ladder, he gets to the bottom and is struck by tanglefoot bag and stuck to floor... They missed me... The rest of the party is stuck to various rungs of the ladder and being fired on with impugnity by nasty Grimlocks... I make a leap of faith from my ladder rung, 15ft over to a ledge under the one that the Grimlocks are on... I want to climb up and waste them, but I am rushed (and criticalled) by a Grimlock with 2 daggers... Too small a space to use anything larger than a dagger while I'm raging, I use my fists... I have 16 hp left, the Grimlock has about 50... I fight defensively, power attacking in each round... The Grimlock manages to get me down to 6hp, but I roll max damage on my last desperate attack and drop the bitch... Yay me, time to take potion before rage wears off... While this is happening, my brother scrapes off the tanglefoot goo, climbs up to help me, but seeing no room to join the fight, continues up under the other ledge to take out the other Grimlocks taking potshots at our friends... One of the other players, an archer, falls to the ground but survives, then criticals one of the ledge Grimlocks with an arrow, just as my brother reaches over and pulls the other bastard off the ledge and throws him onto the stalagmites below... We save the other players and continue on... The cleric uses nearly all his spells to bring us all back to full hp, so we play it(even more) cautiously... This is what makes sessions memorable...