September 30th, 2006


Kobolds Suck

I've been thinking of annoying the hell out of everyone in our group next campaign by playing the stereotypical squealing crybaby group "mascot". And nothing says "Scroll for Garbok! Give Garbok scroll or he BITE YOUR ANKLE GARBOK SWEARS TO GOD" quite like Kobold. (I was thinking a Goblin ala Squee from M:TG, but the flavor is different in D&D.)

Then I actually got down to creating the character, and the racial stats just seem horrible. The Races of The Dragon supplement tries explaining it away with things like, "Well, if you cast Mage Armor, then you'd have an incredible AC!" or "if a Kobold barbarian rages, his Str is ALMOST NORMAL!" I compared it to Gnome and Halfling, and it almost seems like it should have a -1 level adjustment. Is there some redeeming factor that I'm missing here?

Alternatively, is there a race that is more fittingly underfoot and annoying (in a stupid way, not tricksy like Halflings)?

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