September 12th, 2006

  • daneal

Creative Summoning

I've been given liscence to create varients of the normal Monster Summoning lists to tailor them a little more since the character I am playing is a summoner. Since there is little else he can do beside summon, I was hoping I could get some ideas of creatures from you that would be a boon to add to my Monster Summoning I-III list. Feel free to think outside of the box. In particular, I am looking for creatures that will be of assistance to my party as supplemental warriors, healers, or magical support (i.e spell like abilities).

Other creatures that you think of that would be useful (and why) would be wonderful. The only restriction I am needing to follow at this point are creatures in the Summon Monster I to III range.
Bitch Please - peanuts

Idea for new Metamagic Feat

Just something I've been kicking around today.

Forced Spell [Metamagic]
Prerequisites: Any other metamagic feat
Benefit: You may cast a spell on a unwilling target as if they were a willing target. The targets still get a saving throw when applicable. A Forced Spell takes up a spell slot two levels higher than the spell's actual level.

The idea comes from wondering if there was a way to bring someone back to life weather they wanted to or not, but rather than just a new spell, this feat could bring about a whole slew of interesting applications, like say if you needed to get Grumpy McHillGiant far enough away so you healer can patch up your tank before continuing the fight, a Forced Dimension Door could do the trick nicely.