September 7th, 2006

  • gimp101

Quick ones...

When you reincarnate someone as a bugbear or troglodyte, do they get the racial hit-dice, or just the ability mods and appearance...? What about special abilities, attacks, etc...? Do you assign them a level adjustment at all...? We have a druid that reincarnates all the dead people... It's fun, but gets hard to keep track of...

Do animal companions lose a level/HD when brought back to life...? Familiars don't but it says nothing about Animal Companions...

How long does it take for a character to fall 100ft...? If someone falls, is there a certain cut-off distance at which it becomes impossible to fly and catch them...?
  • gimp101

Aha, another one that stumps me...

Can you sunder somebodies arm...? What is the hardness/hitpoints of a limb...? If you catch someone flat-footed, does the defender get a roll to avoid being disarmed/weapon sundered...? What if they are blinded, or you're invisible...? As a DM, I like to sunder peoples stuff alot, because I'm a right bastard...

Contemplating campaigns.

Campaign settings are often designed on stereotypical concepts, like:

1. Finding or completing an artifact.
2. Killing the bad guy / bad race.
3. Saving the world.
4. Treasure hunters just looking to make a living.
5. Wars / human conflict.
6. Enmeshing character backstories that PCs create.
7. Following the story of an NPC, with the PCs as friends / secondary characters in the story.

What stereotypes do you like to typically run? What do you believe are the strengths and weaknesses of each? Do you find these stereotypes as often as I do? Do you run campaigns with long, intertwined stories, or is each session different and whimsical without any kind of pattern, like running PCs through modules from different publishers?