September 5th, 2006


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I'm designing a new, NPC race for my campaign. The idea is that these creatures are descended (in some fashion) from dragons, and are currently the most powerful society in the world. They live on flying islands above everyone else and basically seek to control everything for their own profit and amusement. Dragons are also seen as the source of arcane magic in the world (as in they invented it--I've tweaked the idea of dragons quite a bit), and so these creatures are the holders of very powerful magic.

I'm curious about what people think it's ECL should be (so what should I make the LA?), as well as what the CR of encountering one of these would be. Also, do most of the abilities seem of about equal level (or does one thing stand out as more/less powerful)? Since they are intended to take class levels, do you think I should give them an over-all lowering of power (so that most of their strength come from class levels)? Any ideas of other special things they should have?

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Thanks for your help :)