July 25th, 2006

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I've been playing the 7 day d&d online trial and suprisingly enjoying it.

It of course, in no way matches or even competes with the experience of an actual tabletop session, but I do like the approach they've taken on this.

Does anyone in here use online tabletop programs on a regular basis?
[See: OpenRPG, MapTool, etc...]

Quick question:

There's a possibility in the next session or two that someone will try and shanghai the PCs--kidnap them during the night and take them to sea. My question is: how would you go about running such an ambush? What are the chances the PCs wake up before/during the attack? Any interesting rules for knocking out the PCs (other than just dealing a lot of subdual damage? I'm using the wound/vitality varient, so I may need to futz with how subdual works).

  • espher

I wonder if there would be any interest in this...

I was thinking of putting forth some kind of weekly character creation "challenge" for this group.

Say I post a very general character concept (which I'd probably solicit from people here, especially GMs needing NPC ideas and players who are looking for some inspiration), a level, and some base stats, and people build this character up using any "official" (read: WoTC-published) resources and post them in the thread. The only reason I say "official" books is because that gives us a limited yet fairly broad pool of resources to work with, and we don't get any of the silliness that I personally run into all the time with my group using third-party sources. ;)

Just thought it would be a fun "challenge" for people who like to create characters (well, to be fair, stat blocks for characters), and give a look into the styles of how people do their chargen.

Would there be any interest in something like this?