July 22nd, 2006

D20 times 2!

New release schedule for 1st quarter 2007 WotC

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Now, with this little list here (I went through and checked some of these, they were listed on Amazon for those who are disbelievers), it appears to my eye that we are indeed scraping the bottom of the barrel as far as ideas go. The last quarter of this year looks the same as well, so I am not sure what to think.

The ugly rumor going around is (as always) this is a sign of a new edition by 2008. I am not wanting to start a debate on the value/merits/needs of something like that, but I want to call out to some of the older gamers who were around for TSR and verify that indeed, this is almost the exact release schedule that they had when 2E (AD&D) was dying out back in the day before being bought out by Wizards.

Do you think that this is just not acceptable as far as releases? MM IV wasn't that great, PHB II was ok, it could have been more, I dread to think what Battle book is going to be like next month... Anyone have these concerns or is it just me?
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Gameplay question...

Or should I say, character creation question. No, i am not looking for deep meanings in release schedules or the like, but what everyone's opinion is on the character generation method below...

INT 14 STR 14 INT 10
WIS 17 WIS 12 12 CON
CHA 17 CHA 17 DEX 12

*Borrowed from Invisible Castle*

Now, this will allow for some higher scale PC's, obviously (above was created with 4d6, drop the lowest) but what do YOU think? Would you allow this type of stat generation? Is this over the top as far as power goes? I showed my DM this and he was a bit taken back by the whole method... The pros I can see in this would be more choice, you aren't saddled with just six rolls but nine. The negatives are that it will allow for situations like the above with three 17's or even MORE, depending on the rolls.

Feel free to discuss, I am curious to get some feedback on this.
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