June 28th, 2006

Evil Drew


To anyone familiar with this volume...

I'm playing a Sorcerer with two feats from this book -- Consecrate Spell and Purify Spell. Both are listed as a +1 LA to the spells. As a lowdown on what they do, the former makes a spell half divine energy, and the latter makes it so that a spell does half damage to neutral characters and no damage to good characters, also, if the target(s) of the latter are evil outsiders, the die increace one categody (d6->d8, etc.).

After the first encounter with Purify spell, it was disallowed as being "too good." I'm not going to fight with the DM, but this feat was tactically awesome, and I wanted some opinions. Fireballs going off in melee and affecting only the baddies, etc. Would you allow this feat?