June 16th, 2006


warforged question

i have the possible opportunity to play eberron soon and i have questions for those of you who've played it before. i'm considering playing a warforged monk. what's the deal with warforged and items they can use? i understand they can't wear armor and mage's robes. can they wear other magical items of clothing like belts and gloves and hats? is there a feat they can take to allow them to wear armor and robes at the expense of their natural armor? i thought i remembered seeing a feat like that but i looked in the eberron book last night and couldn't find it.

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I'm looking to use an Armor as Damage Reduction system for my game. I am aware of the variant in Unearthed Arcana, but I'm looking for a system where armor gives only DR and not also an AC bonus. Any ideas on a good scale for the DR (so what DR leather armor gives, what DR full plate gives)? Or how to have magic bonuses (such as on "full plate +2") apply?

My current thought is to have DR range from 1/- (leather armor) to either 4/- (full plate) or 8/- (full plate), or possible have the armor reduction be a range (so leather reduces by 1d2, fullplate by 2d4 or something). I was originally thinking that I could just have the "+1" magic bonus add to the armor's DR, but I'm starting to wonder if that will work. Any suggestions?
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As long as we're asking Warforged questions today, here's one about the Spellcarved Soldier (Races of Eberron).

At fourth level, the Spellcarved Soldier gains an ability called Rune of the Archmage which, in addition to allowing the character to gain the benefit of three rings simultaneously, also allows the Warforged to wear and gain the benefits of Robes.

Then, say, can a Warforged with this ability gain the benefits from both the Adamantite Body feat and some kind of magic Robe, or would this ability function only with the defaulted Composite Armor (and the Unarmored Body feat, obviously)? Does the "considered to be wearing Heavy Armor" from Adamantite Body supercede the "can wear and gain the benefits of robes" from Rune of the Archmage? How would you rule and why?