June 15th, 2006

Rum's gone

Arrr! I be needin' a ship an' I've come to commandeer one!

I was recently inspired to creat an NPC based on what I've seen so far from the trailers of Pirates of the Carribbean 2; an illithid captain nicknamed "Kraken". I've worked out the details of a surface-dwelling illithid by giving him a magic item something to the effect of the Lair Wards found in the Draconomicon. He can bassicaly cloud his ship in a huge storm and perpetual night. I've got his crew of miscreants work out. I've got all his posessions. All I need now is a ship. The chips in the PHB are about as helpfull as a kick in the crotch. My guess is that Stormwrack has something that could help me here. And this bassicaly brings me to the point of this post. Could someone dirrect me to a good website that would have ship ideas or better yet, an idea of what can be found in Stormwrack. Hopefully the former; the wallet is the natural prey of the College, and it is a very craft predator. I've heard that there's a book called Weapons and Arms(?) that has a bunch of ships in it. I would just like some opinions to help me creat a ship.


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