May 30th, 2006

Character Help

I started working with my group to make their characters. I'm doing one at a time because the 3 and 3.5 series still confuses me somewhat. So see if this is right.

Character is a Cleric. Highest score was 16 which went into WIS. Lowest was 7 which went into INT. So there is an INT modifyier of -2. For Skills it says a PC gets 2 + INT modifier x 4. Which would actually be 0 for this Cleric but the book says everyone gets at least one skill point every level. So I'm right that at level one she only gets the one skill point right?

Also for race modifiers do the scores raise the one and lower the other (one is a plus the other a negative because of the elf race) so that the score it now 15 and 11? Or do they stay the same and when she rolls for something in that section it's plus or minus the class modifier?

And where on the frickin' sheet do the actual scores rolled go? There is a total box and then where all the modifiers go and then another box at the end. It's extremely confusing to me.

Please help.
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Quick request.

Due to some, eh, not favourable circumstances that I'd rather not get into, I need to rebuild a character of mine for a game I play in. The GM needs it as an NPC over the next two weeks because I won't be able to play.

The problem I'm running into atm is that I need the statistics for the shade template from the FRCS. The GM and the other player I know that have the book are not home right now and I'm not going to get a chance to get on a computer with internets for the next few days once I leave work tonight (in about five hours), so I need that info before I leave.

I had burnt a PDF copy onto a CD to take to work, but I think I actually burnt the CD in 'test' mode, so I don't have that here.

I also don't have the details I need for the Tel'flammar Shadowlord from Unapproachable East, so if anyone has the prereqs and skills, that'd be great, since I have the other class featu-- no, wait, I don't, because the GM has my current character sheet. Dammit.


If anyone can type-up/e-mail/MSN me the information for the shade template and the Tel'flammar Shadowlord (I know the special abilities and spell list, but I need the BAB/Saves/HD/Skills/Prereqs), I'd be ever so grateful.

Otherwise I get to waste time making an NPC-that-could-possibly-be-a-PC-if-the-rest-of-the-party-doesn't-screw-up in addition to my possible-replacement-PC-in-case-they-do when I arrive to the next session in two weeks instead of making it now and possibly just getting to play the character when I arrive. :p
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