May 10th, 2006

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Ranger - Archery Feats

Hey, folks. I'm thinking about playing a ranger for the first time ever (if you can believe it). I'd like to hear some thoughts on good feats to choose for an archery-based ranger. I'm really trying to explore feats that will make his archery better. I am ignoring most of the other skills he has as a ranger, but here's some more detail on the character:

I'm thinking that he's going to be fairly stealthy, putting some points into knowledge: dungeoneering, going to try to make him great with animals and, if the GM will let me, let him ride his animal companion (given that he's a halfling and I'm spending the points on ride). The idea is that he'll be the guy you want to hire to take you in to a dungeon to scout out the way before you, offer suggestions on trouble spots, etc.

Thoughts and ideas?
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Well, why not?

So after my exercise in futility in finding companion-oriented Prestige Classes and feats, I decided to make one of my own.

After talking with the GM we decided to flavour-restrict this one to raptors (to fit in with the falconry idea I'm going for), but none of the elements that I see are things that would be exclusively of benefit to avian creatures.

You could restrict this otherwise, or even unrestrict it, and I think it would be fine. I didn't bother with the background information or fluffy bits, because that's something the GM and I are going to want to flesh out tomorrow before his game while we wait for players to arrive. The name is pure filler at this point.

I really can't gauge how the abilities will end up being in conjunction with the companion, as I don't have any time at this point (I'm at work) to actually mock up a character and companion for something to do. I spent most of my free time at the office writing this up. I am also fully open to name changes for the abilities and name suggestions for the class.

I am open to feedback, criticism, suggestions, and so forth. Most of these were just ideas that popped into my head, so I have no reservations about making changes. :)

So, without further delay...

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Thanks. :)

Edit: 1st - Fixed some mistakes. 2nd - Clarifications. 3rd - Level 7 and 9 abilities should also require the one month 'bonding period', which has been added. 4th - Added notation about possible skipped spell levels for balance. 5th - Added companion death penalty as a familiar, changed two abilities around.

ETA: Can anyone think of any other specializations for the Companion Speciality feature or have I pretty much tapped the resource pool? Thinking I might create one that grants skirmish dice, now that I think about it.