May 8th, 2006

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Falconry and/or Animal Companion Boosting Feats/Classes

Hey folks,

I'm looking for resources for building a falconry-focused PC, one where (ideally) the character's animal companion would be doing most of the work (being supported and buffed by my character) rather than running up and smashing face with the character itself.

However, I've hit a bit of a dry spell where resources are concerned. I haven't burned through any third-party resources (the GM isn't too fond of adding content from them as he'd rather limit the number of option supplements we use aside from the core books and the Complete Archetype set) nor my issues of Dragon (the GM also isn't too fond of adding content from them), but I can't seem to find any prestige classes or feats that can be used to augment an animal companion (or the abilities of an animal companion).

So far, the build seems to be straight druid (possibly the sidhe scholar from an issue of Dragon -- I seem to remember it providing a little extra kick for the pet as well), possibly splashing for one level of Beastmaster (falling behind in spellcasting for one level, but providing me with an effective four levels where animal companion traits are concerned). I was hoping to find a class that would provide spellcasting with some companion augmenting abilities, versus classes that provide spellcasting + wild shape or other druid-related abilities.

Where feats are concerned, the ONLY one I've seen that would be useful is the Exalted Companion feat from the Book of Exalted Deeds -- but that requires I play an exalted character (which the GM doesn't like to allow without in-game development, so no new characters can usually come into the game with exalted status), which turns my companion into a celestial falcon (and a magical beast -- excellent).

Is there anything that anyone knows of that works for this purpose? Any feats/PrCs that give a jump in effective druid level for animal companionship (the GM will likely let me treat myself as a druid beyond twentieth level if I somehow have that much of a boost) or would somehow be excellent for developing an animal companion better than straight druid?

Concering the companion itself, I know the falcon will likely have five feats due to my level (at 1 HD, 3 HD, 6 HD, 9 HD, and 12 HD), but one of these is bound to be Weapon Finesse, so that only gives me three other feats to play with as well. Suggestions there (beyond Improved Flight and Flyby Attack) would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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The PHB2 excerpt is up on the Wizards' site, but I was wondering what you folks thought of some of the new pieces. The knight class seems particularly interesting, but many of the feats seem eager to grant folks DR. Thoughts?