April 19th, 2006


Player Races

Now that I've decided on what I want to do about magic (and therefore classes) in my new campaign world, it's time to decide on races. (For the record, I'm going with INT-based wizards with a modified spell-list and learn system, WIS-based binders with plenty of custom vestiges, and CHA-based bards with probably a modified spell-list and probably a roll-to-cast system to allow for even more flexibility).

In any case, here are my current thoughts about PC races. The world is intended to be a mostly naval campaign, with options for aerial and underwater adventures.

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Also, back to magic real fast--any suggestions for flavor changes that get rid of the "wizard-scholar" type? I still want them to prepare spells, but I'm curious about maybe doing away with the bookworm stereotype.

ant colony

i'm running a game where the protagonist is chasing a thief who stole a sword. she's chasing him across a plain and he's trying to lose her. i thought it would be a good idea for him to lead her into a giant anthill and try to ambush her. does anyone know anything about ants?

i kind of thought i'd handle it like the borg in star trek where the ants would just ignore her until she disturbed them then they'd go all out. i kind of need some ideas for what to do in the colony, and i'd like a map if you know of where to find one. i can't find any good ones online although i'm about to go scour the wizards map a week archives for something appropriate. i'm probably gonna end up drawing my own map but i don't really feel like it.

i need a good idea for the ambush. i thought maybe i'd have the thief plant something she'd pick up in a pile of eggs. a note or a scroll. something she can't resist. he'd plant it, sneak out of the nest, and she'd find it, pick it up, disturb the eggs and the ants would go nuts. what do you think? if i wanted to be really nasty i could treat the scroll with contact poison. but she's only second level and i don't want to kill her... right away >:]