April 10th, 2006



If I am a monk, and I have two weapon fighting (for arguments sake, I have Perfect two weapon fighting, the epic feat), and perform a flurry of blows, how many attacks do I get? Assume I am right in front of my opponent and need not move more than a 5-foot step. Also assumed I am unarmed, using only unarmed strikes. I am ready for action, not flat footed or surprised.

a. five attacks. 4 attacks and one flurry attack at the highest base attack bonus. It says monks don't have an "off hand" with unarmed strike, so two weapon fighting cannot be used.
b. eight attacks. The flurry doesn't count and you get 4 with each hand
c. Nine attacks. 4 attacks with primary hand, 4 with secondary hand, 1 flurry at the highest base attack bonus
d. two attacks. one attack, and one flurry

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