March 18th, 2006


Challenge (CR? =) )

I saw some of you making prestige classes very well (dacileva, was one of the best creator IMHO)
now, a challenge. I would like to see how the Blaze looks "numberized" i.e its class abilities. I propose to use some of the following features: Birth (a person can be Blaze only if born so). Fire-pact (a pact with fire creatures that are able to think and actually make that pact. For example a pact with fire-breathing dragons, as long as blaze cannot be harmed by their flame). The aligment proposal is "any nonevil" because of their role)
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Vow of Poverty - the breakdown.

This post would have been too long as a comment elsewhere, but I figured I'd break down the benefits the Vow of Poverty provides, along with their market value, compared to the 'standard' accumulated wealth for a character of a given level.

My issue is that people see Vow of Poverty as 'omfg broken', when the benefits it provides are only marginally better than what one could acquire through classic adventuring.

So, here's some numbers.

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The value the Vow of Poverty provides (excluding fairly bleh bonus feats) seems pretty obscene.

However, I'd argue that the "exalted" armor bonus is artificially inflating the numbers, considering that for every class that can wear light armor or better, you can get the same bonus as an armor bonus for MUCH cheaper. A chain shirt provides the same +4 as the first level of the Vow of Poverty benefits.

An exalted bonus runs at bonus2 x 2,500 gp. A comparable armour bonus (Bracers of Armour or wearing armour that is enchanted) runs bonus2 x 1,000 gp. So, for example, the +10 Exalted bonus from the feat runs at 250,000 GP, whereas say +10 Bracers of Armour (hypothetical, I know) would run at 100,000 GP.

Since a Vow of Poverty character cannot obtain an armour bonus other than through spells like mage armor, luminous armor, and, uh, greater versions of these spells, the Exalted bonus functions primarily as a replacement for an armor bonus (with some other perks, naturally).

To illustrate the difference that I personally feel this bonus provides, I have table with the regular loot by level, exalted value by level, and exalted value without the armour bonus by level.

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I will note that treating it as an armor bonus price-wise puts it similar to or just under the wealth accumulated through 'classical' means, all ad hocing aside.

Assuming you don't ad hoc the regeneration down a notch, that only brings up the price 15,000gp from level 17 on (since I put it at 75,000/90,000).

I also personally believe the Mantle of Faith is supposed to be a non-slot item (I couldn't confirm it, but it seems far too steep otherwise). Halving the cost brings the price down by 34,000 from levels 15-18, and down 68,000 for 19 and 20, further undercutting the accumulated value of goods for most characters.

The only unvalued 'feature' would be the bonus exalted feats, and I've had a difficult time picking 'good' exalted feats, as I find most are fairly weak.

Monks are really the only problem, but that's ONLY because of the AC bonus -- drop that altogether if you want, but provide some other benefits. There are roleplaying restrictions for this feat but the value of benefits is only marginally better than a regular adventurer would have, and only because the exalted bonus is a non-armor, non-shield, non-deflection bonus.

So there's the breakdown of all the toys and their costs, for reference.

My verdict?

Vow of Poverty isn't broken unless it's on a monk and the roleplaying restrictions are not being enforced. :)

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