March 17th, 2006

What is in a Name and the Lack of Creativity

Ok this is to all those people out there who have played with people who just name their character the most unoriginal things. You know what I am talking about, A massive 8ft Orc barbarian named James, a High Elf Ranger named Juan and so on. Now yes it annoys me to no extent when people forgo being creative in the creation of their character, it is like a giant batsignal that this person will hardly add to the fun of the game. 9 times out of 10 I am right, the lack of imagination in the creation of a character usually spawns into lack of imagination in the game. I like it when people add flavor to their attacks and not just say "I attack the orc" O.o, how are you attacking it with what and where? Maybe I am just anal about this stuff but I like it when the game is fully of creativity. Has anyone else run into this problem?

Questions on Dragonmarks

1. Is activating a Dragonmark a standard action?
2. Does activiating a Dragonmark incur attacks of opportunity?
3. Are spell componenets required when using a Dragonmark?
4. Can activating a dragonmark be used as a readied action? (I assume yes for this one)
5. Is having a dragonmark considered possessing of a spell like ability?
6. Can possession of a dragonmark meet the prerequisites for the Dragon Disciple Prestige class?
7. Are there Verbal or Somatic components required for dragonmarked abilities (read, can I use one if bound and gagged)?
8. Do dragonmarks function within an antimagic field?
9. If I have a dragonmark ability that is the equivalent of a 1st level spell, will a globe of Invulnerability protect the person it is on from my dragonmark?

The book is not very helpful in giving you tactical rules information about these

Where on a person's body do these marks appear?

And When you have the least mark, and you obtain the Lesser mark (as with the dragonmarked heir prestige class) Does it REPLACE your least mark (ie add to it) or is it a second mark in ADDITION to your previous mark? If it is a second mark, where does IT appear. (or is that completely up to the character)

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