March 15th, 2006

  • espher

Not 3e related, but it is D&D related...

Does anyone happen to know offhand if the old Dragonlance adventures based on the Chronicles series (I think they might have been First Edition) happened to have some kind of floorplan for the Tower of High Sorcery?

I think the modules I'm referring to are DL 1 to DL 16, although I've got them (stowed away somewhere, although I haven't been able to find them in the boxes in the basement) published in three 'collections' as colour-coded books matching the novels (Dragons of Autumn Twilight being a red softcover, Dragons of Winter Night being a blue softcover [I think], and Dragons of Spring Dawning being a green softcover).

If so, would anyone happen to have these books and be able to provide me with a scan of the maps? A friend of mine asked me for them because he knew I had the softcovers and he needs it for a session in a few weeks, but in all honestly I can't recall if maybe I lent them to someone and they vanished (like two-thirds of my 3.0 books).

If not, does anyone happen to know if there are any published modules/sourcebooks with a map of this tower? My friend thinks he's seen a SAGA system (the cards) module published on this, but I haven't really hunted for it yet.

My apologies if this is too off topic.