March 14th, 2006


multiple spell progression

The Problem: So I designed this alchemist class to be a new class in my game. Great. The only thing you need to know is that they use arcane spells just like wizards, and they follow the bard spell progression since they have other abilities. So my Alchemist wants to branch out into wizardry. How do I work his spell progression

The Reasoning: In this campaign wizard magic and alchemist magic is exactly the same, just different amounts. So why should an alchemist who wants to expand their wizard training have to start again at level 1? However, you don't want to make them TOO powerful or what's the point in being a wizard

My solution: Examine the spell chart for the level the alchemist is, and take the greatest spell level, say 3. Take and look on the wizard chart and find the first time a wizard gets a corresponding level of that type, or "5" in the example above. "Set" the alchemist at that level. DO NOT retroactively give the alchem/wiz any spells. When the alchem wizard gains a level, add the spells they would get as if they had rose to the next level of wizard, in the above example 1 2nd 1 3rd (I believe)

Is this balanced? Please take a look at the charts and let me know.

edit: The alchemist uses spells chosen from the sorc/wiz list, but uses the bard spell progression to balance out their other abilities.

New Campaign

Well my group I play with has gotten to the point where they want me to make a campaign to where their character's tranfer over to the next campaign I would design. Now they have played 2 so far with me but I was asked to make on where they could continue on with their characters once one story was over. So I got thinking and told them I had an idea to where they would play their characters from the start of adulthood on. Which means they will take their characters from their coming of age to as far as they can. I plan to first start them off and apprentices to a group of adventurers who will train them in a specific class, once they have attained enough knowledge they will become level one of that class.

-Race, Gender, and Social Status all decided by dice rolls (group approved this)
-Everyone must think of a background for their characters (they want me to do this they are going to have to think too lol)
-Alignment starts off as Neutral, the actions they taken through their lives will change said Alignment.
-Characters become level 1 when their mentor deems them experienced enough to travle on their own.

Now I had them roll 3D6 for their stats and I was amased that nobody scored over a 15 on anything, now for a few people they don't care to have average characters because they know I always add items and such to make them stronger in the game. But there is always that few who don't like it because their lowest score isn't a 16, but I explained to them that it makes sense, they aren't trained in any art yet so how would their stats be so high seeing as how they have not yet lifted a weapon or cast a single spell, let alone explore a dungeon.

Hopefully this turns out good :).