March 12th, 2006

  • espher

Another quick question...

Are creatures who are immune to mind-affecting spells and effects (such as undead) immune to being dazed (not necessarily by the spell itself, which is mind-affecting)?

I don't see it explicitly written anywhere that they aren't affected by daze effects (so I've assumed up to this point they were), but I'm just wondering if you'd treat daze as a mind-affecting effect.

If so, I think I've got a great NPC to throw against my PCs...

(no subject)

I'm considering trying to design a new campaign world for my game, as the current world I've been working on hasn't turned out to be that interesting. So my question is, how much stuff do you change when making up a campaign world?

More specificially, as both a player and a DM, what do you think of redoing the core races (dropping some, adding others, switching around abilities and so forth), maybe changing the available core classes, futzing with the combat system, and/or redoing the magic system? How much stuff has to stay the same for it to still be considered D&D? How much stuff would you want to stay constant if you were to play in this campaign? Basically, how much house-ruling goes on before it's a different game entirely? And then would you still want to play it?

Also, would people here actually care my ideas for these changes and want to discuss them sometime in the future?

Detect Magic= See Invisibility...?

Okay, there's a bad guy, getting beaten, turns invisible to retreat... One of my cleverer pcs says "I cast 'Detect Magic' to see the invisible guys magic aura..." Holy shit... Of course, it's a spell, powered by magic, it should work... I can't find anything as I quick reference the rules, so I allow her to see the spell, and determine which space the creature occupies... However, she will still suffer a %50 miss chance for concealment since the creature is still invisible and she can only see the actual magic aura... Obviously, sneak attacks and other precision based attacks are quite impossible...
Has anyone else had to deal with this...? Are there actual rules for it...? Was my decision fair...? I couldn't just say no to such a great idea, but I also couldn't have a 0 level spell defeat a 3rd level... Then the questions came... "If I shoot arrows into it can I see the arrows...?" "I wanna throw dust on it so I can see it..." "If its caught in my fireball, it will be on fire and I can see it..." You can imagine... I've decided to keep my original on-the-spot rule, but would like to read anyone elses thoughts...