March 10th, 2006

Xander .....ME!!


Okay I'm bored and looking for something and I'm sure I can get help for it here.

I have and idea for a pair of characters that I'm one. not to sure how to make and two. to lazy to make ^^; SO! Im not asking anyone to make a characters just some friendly advice.

Character one.
He is the deadliest of the two.
A Neutral Evil epic level bard.
Basiclly I want this man to be a wolf in sheeps clothing. A very sick and twisted individual that could charm the pants off of you, and once he starts playing his music by the end of the song no one is left alive (uh he's kind of an assassin I probably should have mentioned that. Though I really don't want to give him any assassin levels ><)
All in all I'm looking for a very deadly bard. One that if you know of this man you will shit your pants if you see him beginning to play his instrument.

Character two.
I would like a monk that is a master of staffs. Anything that can be done with a stick as a weapon this man should be able to do. Be it throw them use two at a time, or even use anything that could be used as a stick as a deadly weapon. This character travels with the first and is neutral in alignment. He shouldn't be epic level however being the younger of the two, though he is close. And I realize for something like this it would make more sence to choose the fighter class for the extra feats but I would really like this man to be a monk.

Well anything you guys can do with these two concepts feel free. And lets me know of any changes that should be made.

Evil Drew

(no subject)

If I finish a PrC, can I take another one, or is that it for me? I mean, say I'm a Sor10/Arg5 next level, can I go into another prestige class, or can I only be a straight sorcerer?

Also, for prestige classes that dont' bring you up to 20, how do they advance? I checked the SRD on both of these, and no joy there.