February 21st, 2006

  • joevual

New To DnD

I just got into D&D about two or three weeks ago.

I just picked up the players handbook and convinced two other friends to do the same.

Any suggestions for a three person quest and character creation?

I'm completly new to the whole thing and would greatly appriciate any help or suggestions you can throw out.

(no subject)

I have a question about the Warlock class (from Complete Arcane):

The Warlock can take feats like Ability Focus and Empower Spell-like Ability to bump up his invocations, including the eldirtch blast. But does a Warlock need to take a feat a different time for each incarnation of the blast? Like could he take Empower (blast) and have it effect sickening blasts (blasts after applying the Sickening Blast invocation)? Or would he need to take Empower (blast) and Empower (sickening blast)?