February 9th, 2006

Opinions wanted.

Preface: I hate Spiked Chains, I loathe them with a passion rarely seen in this modern age. Being the only weapon that allows for 5' and 10' reach, costs a feat, and really is not that feasable a weapon for things like power attack.

Knowing that I am trying a work-around feat.

Feat: Reach Fighting (Fighter Bonus Feat)
Allows a character wielding a two handed reach weapon (which they are proficient with) to strike opponents at 5' range.

Should it do normal weapon damage? Or would it make more sense that it can only do d6 blunt. (Striking with the haft) Do you think this is over/under-powered? Should it be a per-weapon feat? or maybe a weapon focus pre-req? Help me think outside the box a little here. The feat will be used soon, the quetion is in what final form.