February 3rd, 2006


Art scholars attention

I need the following images for the game I'm currently running. I'm okay at making images from existing images, but I can't even find the beginnings of these. I'm hoping someone has some program which has simple images like these... this community has helped me with them before, so here's hoping

-A symbol for a dwarven museum, maybe a shield with a hammer crossed over it, sepia colours
-A red spear end, which looks more like a harpoon, blood red, with a wavy silver edge
-A bright red lance, even the hilt of a red lance would be fine
-A tortoise, in the style of India, blueish in colours, an outline (like a schematic in blue) would be perfect

So here's hoping. If anyone has or can make easily anything like this, please post it here or email it to me. I have a month, so no real rush, but asap if you can do it.