February 1st, 2006


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1) I'm thinking about running a chase/pursuit senario at my next session. The PCs have alerted/pissed off the local lizardmen tribe, and so the reptiles are out to get them. I want to run a kind of adventure where the PCs are on the move, trying not to get caught, and trying to get to safety (which is days, not rounds, away). Kinda the mood from the first book of Fellowship, when the hobbits are trying to get away from the Nazgul. Does anyone have any advice on running this kind of senario? Also, does anyone have any suggestions for mounts for the lizardmen, in case I need them to move faster?

2) What are people's positions on a player changing characters in the middle of a campaign?

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After a recent post in roleplayers I figured I was a bit out of the loop as far as Campaign Settings go with Dungeons and Dragons. The poster listed Unearthed Arcana as a setting. I don't think thats right, but I don't know if I am wrong either.

Does anyone know of a website with a list of official settings, perhaps with a short descriptive about the idiocyncracies of each?

Perhaps someone who is in the loop could simply take a shot at listing them all?

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