January 31st, 2006


fishing for suggestions for quick one shot games


i'm running some one shot games in a local game shop. does anyone have some pointers for running a complete game within a time frame and making sure the game comes full circle within the given time? i'm thinking maybe 4-6 hours. i'm planning in prerolling an assortment of characters to save time on pc creation, and i wonder if you think that may be to constrictive. one of the ideas i had was to run an all sorcerer party through a hogwarts inspired game. i think the first game i run may be a night of the living dead inspired zombie apocalypse type game. if that works well i may continue in that vein. that's a good accessible idea, something the pc's should understand immediately, which i think is a good thing for a one shot game. but its also a bit cliched, so if you like that idea i'd like to hear suggestions on how to make it LESS cliched, a way to make the idea new and different. and finally, i'd like to hear ideas for one shot games. thanks in advance for the input.