January 21st, 2006

Dumb question about prestige classes

Ok maybe I am looking at this the wrong way so maybe some one here can help me out.

Is it me or do Prestige Classes seem to be a bit much (as in potentially unbalancing).
Forgive me for the way this question sounds, I am hardly a newbie to RPGs. I have played 2nd edition for so long and now that I am working on material for 3.5 and trying to play “catch up” Maybe I am just one of those people happy with the standard classes but I wanted to see what everyone else’s feelings were.
  • espher

Need some advice.

Hey folks,

I'm looking for some War Weaver (Heroes of Battle) weave-friendly spells for a game I'm currently playing in. We started up last week and nobody had any books with them (save me with Heroes of Battle and the Book of Exalted Deeds), so we just kinda built characters from memory and went with spells we knew for the first session (which was only a couple of hours).

Yeah. Nobody was prepared. Go figure.

Anyway, this week the GM is going to have his laptop with a ton of .pdf files on it (don't worry, they're all books that SOMEONE in the group owns, so we can go with legitimate hardcover copies if necessary), so I'm trying to get some inspiration from other people for what spells I can use that fit the mold.

All of my books (save the aforementioned two) are currently 'out on loan' to various people in my gaming circle, so I haven't had a chance to rummage through for myself, so I'm looking for spells that fit the following category (so that they can be cast into the War Weaver's little weave thingy). I've got most of the 'staples' and the good weave-friendly spells from the Player's Handbook.

Anyway, the spells must meet the following criteria:

* Level one to level five.
* Either be harmless (as per saving throw or spell resistance) *or* can only be cast on willing targets.
* Must be able to target a living creature (and cannot be personal).

Things like Protection from Evil (1st), Bear's Endurance (2nd), Haste (3rd), Greater Invisibility (4th), and, er, well, not many good base ones, but um Telepathic Bond (5th).

Any advice is appreciated. I've got about seven hours to game time so I'd like to have some suggestions as to what to pick up since we're in a town with a 'ye olde magic shoppe' currently. :)
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  • istril

Iron Heros

Anyone here used Iron heros? One of my biggest gripes about Dnd is that you MUST have magic items in order to survive later on. Iron heros claims to balance that, and it also seems to make characters more customizable--hopefully cutting back on the need for a zillion different prestige classes. If you've read it/used it, what do you think?