January 16th, 2006

Jesus Saves Gamer

Prestige Class Suggestions?

First off, my character and the setting:

Setting: Eberron Campaign Setting
Age of Worms Adventure Path

Name: Ro/Patrick/Answrar
Race: Changeling
Character Level: 10
Base Classes: Rogue 4/Fighter 2
Prestige Class: Extreme Explorer 4
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I'm interested in taking another Prestige Class that plays off of his leadership talents, and the fact that he's the head of the Fateshards. Does anyone know of any such PrC or one that could be customized? I know of the Outcast Champion (from Races of Destiny), but since Changelings are considered their own true race (and not half-human), my DM has shot that down. Though I may use it as a base of sorts for a "guild leader" type of prestige class. But first I wanted to know what else was out there that I may be missing. Ideas? Thoughts? A 5 level PrC (out of a book or custom) that you might recommend?