January 5th, 2006


The age-old question

...how do you get your characters together at the beginning?

I started off the campaign last Saturday, and everyone had a good time. I guess I did a good job of DMing my first time. Unfortunately, the group isn't as together as I had hoped.

I had the druid and sorceress, who were siblings, go to the swamp in search of a shocker lizard. The rogue/wizard, fighter, and changeling rogue (along with a NPC cleric) went to the swamp to go look for ruins. And coincidentally (haha) they met up there. They fought baddies together, and I hoped (probably naively) that facing common foes would bring them together. But both the druid and the rogue/mage played their characters as arrogant jerks, so the groups didn't end up liking each other much.

So then I had the druid & sorceress have dinner with their parents, and their mother, a mystic theurge, was extremely interested in the magic that was found in the ruins. The idea was that they would go adventuring with the rogue/mage in order to get stuff for their mom. But what do they decide to do instead? Rob the rogue/mage's house! Gah! They'll be spectacularly unsuccessful, but still!

So, I'm looking for another way to get the two groups integrated. I could send the first group to some ruins guarded by druids or something, but that would be sufficient for one adventure only. Any other brilliant ideas?
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