January 3rd, 2006


Metamagic questions.

1) When you upgrade a spell with metamagic feats, does the counterspell go up as well?

For example, fireball is a third level spell. If you use a maximized, empowered fireball, is it the same as counterspelling an eighth level spell, or a third level spell? Does it effect the dispel magic check?

2) Can you use the same metamagic feat twice?

For example, an extended shield spell cast by a 5th level caster becomes a 2nd level spell that lasts 10 minutes. Can you make an extended, extended shield spell as a 3rd level spell that lasts 20 minutes?

I apologize if the answers to these questions seem obvious.
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Yeah... So I'm taking my first steps into the world of DMing, and while the DMG is very detailed in it's explanation, I think tips from experienced DMs would be a big help as well. So if anyone can give me some suggestions as to what I can do to start off right, it would be greatly appreciated.