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It's that time again...

Note : I'm trying to avoid just coming across a sitewhore here.

I'm starting up a new game via the wonderful medium of Play by Post. A slightly non standard world (I've tweaked Clerics to something more in line with UA's Cloistered Cleric and I'm forcing wizards to specialise) with one of the key elements being the way wars are fought using steel giants (escaflowne-style fantasy mechs called dragoons) based on ancient magic and technology recovered from the ancient ruins of the Ehb civilization which cover the land. The dragoons are more of a background element, I'm not about to let second level players have that kind of power, although in time they will no doubt come to the forefront a little more.

So yes, if you fancy something a bit different, then we'll be playing here.

And if you don't, then feel free to discuss the relative merits of PBP gaming, I feel its often neglected due to the glacia-esque speed it can often move at, but on the flipside it really gives time to play in character


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