November 27th, 2005


Simple Really...

Ok, ive been planning this game I just started running for a little while now, and so far its been going great. Got some rather interesting story lines in the mix, as well as some good old fashion characters with histories who will come to regret it thinger going. however, what ive been dealing with lately is trying to make some real hardcore horror encounters.
Maybe its just because heroes of horror just came out (though I thought it sucked) but horror in D&D has really seemed like fun to me recently. the magic abilities of some creatures and what not make for some seriously bad-ass set-ups, as well as some of the monster's, especially int eh MM II & III. which rule by the way.
So the question is, what were the best horror game scenario's in D&D or otherwise you guys have had? or, what are ideas you can come up with?
So far, I've got a two story haunted house scenario using an Allip with the spell-stitched template, modified to use illusion spells instead. its looking pretty nice.
WHat do you guys got?
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