November 19th, 2005

Game systems

Sorry to ask yet another question (this might actually be the last one).
Currently there is a discussion going around with in my group over the feelings other gamers have towards the d20, 3.5 and new systems. To clear this up and also help us figure out what we should do I wanted to ask some gamers the following questions.

1: How do you feel about the d20 system and 3.5? (would you rather play 2nd ed? Do you feel there is something lacking or is it a solid system? etc)
2: Would you play another game system that is not d20? Also would you even considering buying a game that is not tied to WOTC or any of the larger well known companies?
3: What would you look for in a game system?
4: What do you feel is the best game system and why? This could be from any RPG from basic D&D to games your sure no one played (time masters, car wars, elf quest)

What we are trying to do is judge if it is worth skipping the OGL/d20 and just use our own system (which is already developed and play tested) rather then creating just another settings book.