November 14th, 2005

600+ pages????Are they nuts?

Could someone please tell me why there are 600+ page source books being written?
The Worlds Largest Dungeon is out of control. I can’t say if I like it or not yet but I would say that while its kind of a good idea there needs to be some more going on as far as story goes.

Now I see the new book from Monte Cook, Ptolus.
I love the stuff this guy works on, I mean I have yet to see something of his I have not liked. I can see where he is going with this new project as well. While it would be nice to have everything in one book and loads of great stuff (check out the previews) I think this is a bit much.

More and more I am seeing the pricing on books and all the other stuff and I can honestly say that there is no way I would have ever been able to afford to play RPGs back when I was 14. Even with the money I make now I can’t see spending that much money.

Is there anyone who agrees with me on this or am I just old and cheap?

Two requests

1.  I will need some NPC's to fill my world, and I wanted to open this up a little bit.  This is a low magic world, so famous wizards are not really appropriate.  What these people will need to be is survivors.  There can be rebels, generals, leaders of bandits, mobs, etc.  What I'm looking for is characters with personality that my party can hear legends about and possibly meet.  So, what ya got:?

2.  I am looking for some graphics that I can't seem to google.  I need an image of a red spear crossing a book.  It is a symbol for a certain faction/school.  Anyone who is at all savy with graphics, see what you can come up with and if i find one that I like I'll use it in my game.

npc question restated

A little more clarification....

In short this Nation was completely destroyed by plague war etc. Out of the remnants of human survivors have emerged certain people, heroes, villains etc. who have made it. There are certain names that everyone knows. Some travel from town to town, doing good or evil as they please. People celebrate or hide when these men come around. These are the NPC's I need. I need a few of these folks to perhaps use in my game. There are probably 10-30 people to have on hand, so that I can start sewing plot threads in involving these folks. You can email me things at . These are people who have been through a near apocolypse so they are probably either going to be hard or fast to have avoided it.

If you have any, or are bored and feel like designing a cool villain, email it to me or post in reply to this.