November 8th, 2005

[[a question ]]

I haven't been able to find it anywhere, does anyone know where I can find how long a skill check takes, approximately? For example, a open lock check on an amazing lock or around that grade (DC 40), would take longer than a simple lock, etc...
Thank for all your help in advance, this information will come in handy before I run next.

good pirates?

so i'm playing a chaotic neutral bard in the freeport setting (yar!). we just made it to level 6 but only 3 months of game time have gone by so we're all still very young. the human female fighter is 6th level, and she's only 16. the DM told us the characters (who really have no reason to asociate with each other now that the adventure has wrapped) to write up a history of what our pc's do for the next 3 years. he's doing this to give us an opportunity for character development, and i suppose, to get our chronological ages more in line with our abilities.

none of the characters in the party are good, we're all true neutral or chaotic neutral, and one of the players keeps passing notes to the DM so he may actually be evil for all i know. a few of the characters, mine in particular, have been slowly slipping toward evil. we ARE pirates but still... i've never played an evil character and i don't really like it.

i've decided to write an alignment change into my history. i can always just PLAY the character differently and i intend to. I'm doing the alignment change as sort of a reminder to myself to not kill people i don't need to, to not torture old crewmates just because its faster than interrogating them, that sort of thing.

but i'm having trouble reconciling what i'd like to do with the character with the alignment change. he IS a pirate after all. so i guess my two questions are:

1. how do you think a chaotic good pirate would act?

2. what do you think the key differences are between a Chaotic Good PC and a Chaotic Neutral PC?

the pc's previous history gives him a good reason to hate both merchants and the legitimate navy, so engaging in piracy against who he sees as evil bastards isn't a problem. but the way he does it, and the way he's been treating everyone else up until now is. I suppose i could just give him a loose moral code against killing without justification and against torture. and i imagine a good justification for killing could be "i tried to plunder your boat and you attacked me, so now i'm justified in killing you".

anyway what do you all think?

Chaotic neutral.

This comes up too often in the group I'm a player in. Comes up in the group I'm a DM in too, but it usually isn't too dramatic in nature.

"I'm chaotic neutral. I think in my best interest."

Translation: "I'm chaotic neutral. All I care about is me. Screw all the other players that are supposed to be having fun. Did I mention I don't care where the groups going, because it's all about me, me, me?"

I loathe chaotic neutral.

Maybe it's because the immature play it a lot, but I find it to be the lazy alignment. It's the offensive alignment, the rude alignment that somehow ends up in a group of good people that should otherwise beat the bastard except for the fact their methods aren't dubbed "evil" (and so, we would likely have "neutral evil.")

When I had a new player add to my group a few weeks back that I'd gamed with in the past, and I knew was nothing but a troublemaker, I said to him, "no evil and no chaotic neutral." He then replied, "Why do you already have a chaotic neutral in the group, then?" and I answered, "Because I'm apparently biased." Not a very good answer from a DM, but I'm fed up to HERE with people that abuse the CN alignment.

I think I'm going to run a game without alignments known, and the characters don't get to pick their alignments. Items and spells that are alignment-based will just work and not work depending on the player's mood, so the players that are self-centered and selfish and eventually screw the group over for it get penalized accordingly.

Anyone else have problems with chaotic neutral??