November 4th, 2005

  • chesch

Barbarian Feats

Ugh. I have a small iddy biddy teensie weensie problem with my dnd group: THE BARBARIAN DOESN'T LIKE RAGE!

we have been playing this set of characters for about 2 months now ... we are all level 2, and have explored all of our abilities and know what are characters are capable of. Well, except for her :/

She FINALLY raged today ... and I think that we convinced her that rage=pwnage. Now, I have taken the task upon myself to better educate her in the ways of the dark side.

The help that I need from ya'll ... can you give me information relating to Barbarian rage feats? I have been scouring and came up with nothing.

Thanks in advance
Dude WR
  • pfloyd

City-building help needed...

I'm looking for some resources to help with some city-building...

Background: This one huge metropolis for a D&D 3.5e campaign... looking to be, oh... 20 to 35 miles in diameter, give or take. Think more of a city-state, if you will.
Right now, my resources include the DMG, DMG II and the web enhancement for the DMG concerning districts.
Mind you, this is one grand undertaking.
I'm looking for some other resources concerning city-building for RPGs, especially D&D 3.5e. Books from other campaign settings can be suggested.
I haven't completely figured out about the layout of the city, apart from the central area being where the government meets and operates... though other suggestions will be taken into consideration here.
Oh, did I mention that The City is the only area that the PCs know? For as long as anyone can remember (at least 1000 years), most of what the population has known is The City. There's a buffer zone of another 15-20 miles before Outer Markers are reached, beyond which lies The Unknown... where scouting and exploration parties have gone, and only a few have returned. (I'm working on ideas with that as well.)

I'm going to need a city where PCs can work and have adventure, but they'll also eventually end up heading out of The City as well...

Ideas, comments, suggestions most welcomed.

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