November 2nd, 2005


Complete Psionics?

My partner and I are going to begin working on a website with expanded rules for psionics, since that is a field Wizards left largely unrepresented in comparison to the worlds of arcane and divine magic and every other class in 3.5, likely because not as many people show enthusiasm for psionics. Nevertheless, it's a deprived topic, and so we're on the path to create "Complete Psionics."

For those of you that actually utilize the psionics system, what do you think there needs to be more of? I think what has been neglected the most is psionic prestige classes (the soulknife, for example, is generally screwed on any kind of development other than strictly as soulknife, as is the wilder, but every base D&D class in the PHB has five hundred prestige classes they can pursue, and I wouldn't say the psychic warrior or psion are doing that great either). Then, a near second would be the selection of powers. What do you think psionics needs more development on?

Because so far, the Mind's Eye is about the only additional stuff psionics has going for it...
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