October 30th, 2005


Too far, too fast

I'm coming to the end of my warhammer game and I thought "I'm on a d&d LJ community, I probably should be doing some more d&d". However, I have a problem, it's the age old concern - how do I stop them getting unbelievably hard really quickly without being stingy on the roleplay part of XP? In one game I created and entire new realm and a new pantheon (which was fun to do), and the place was called Angleland, based on England. The north was very grim and unattended by the capital in the south, and the middle bit was very very dull (it won't come as a shock to you that I grew up in the Midlands and now live in the north). The point being that the north was very sparse on magical items, so they couldn't just pop into the local blacksmith and buy a +5 vorpal sword. I wanted magical items to be valued, and not 10 a penny. How can I balance a game without being unreasonable?