October 23rd, 2005

Art work and some Questions for everyone

Ok so we have the web page thing worked out. Things we still need.

Maps: Some have sent me email but we are still accepting submissions. You will get full credit (and pay) for any material we use.

Art: We need art badly. We had two people working on this a while back. One joined the Marines and the other now spends his time yodeling in the park and doing acid (I wish I was kidding). Fantasy art (no anime styles please) with lots of detail, especially on the characters.

Spriksie: Please contact me about the art you posted.

For the rest of you
I was wondering what people like in their games? What do you like (fighting, role play, so on) and is there anything you feel current games (and game worlds) are missing?

I have heard several comments over the pricing of modern games. We have an idea already as to what we are going to change for our books (pretty cheap actually) and I wanted to know what you would consider is a fair price for game? (use the players 3.5 book as a guideline).

(no subject)

Anybody have experience with a Rod of Withering? One of my players wants to pick one up and I'm worried it might make things too easily killed. I would like some opinions before I straight out ban it.

New Monsters

I GM a lot, and one thing I dislike is old monsters. Monsters are great out of the book, but when you get to the Big Bad, you need a little creativity. What do I mean by this? Well, for example in my Warhammer adventure I introduced my own creation: Chaos Zombies. They were pretty cool, their attack would come from a pustulant organic limb with teeth attached which burst through the zombies neck; it shoots about 2 meters across the room to inflict their diseased wounds. Why did I feel the need to add this element? Let me explain: my players have, at most, been roleplaying for 20 years to, at least, 8 years - you name it, they've seen it. However, I don't just add new monsters to give them a bit of a change, it's to enhance my game because they don't know what it can do or how to defeat it, and that's exciting. Also, it's hard for them to keep out of character information out of the game. Does anyone else do this?

Also, my most recent monster is one of the silliest: The Flying Spaghetti Monster (The image I pinched for it was from http://www.venganza.org/ about the Kansas School Board issue). It has some cool psychic attacks!