October 22nd, 2005

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Does anyone know of an updated spell list for the Warmage (from Complete Arcane) that uses the spells from Complete Adventurer?

I'd love to have a bow-based character that uses Swift spells to boost his abilities, and the d6 + armor would really be a nice match for that.

- I don't have Complete Warrior, are there any spells in there which would help? Any other sources with lots of Swift spells?
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  • istril

+1 lvl of existing spellcasting class

I know this has come up before, but I can't find the discussion, so I'll ask again.

For prestige classes that state the character gets +1 lvl of spells per day as if they had gained a level in an existing spellcasting class, this basically means that sorcerers get screwed, right? They don't get more spells known, just more spells/day...
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squeezing and knowledge skills

Ok, got a few more questions (we're having an alday RP thing right now ^_^). Squeezing has come up often in our group recently, and we're having a hard time clarifying it. Our DM wanted to make us squeeze past allies instead of move through their square (in combat). On pg 147 of the PHB, it says you can move through an allies square, but he is having a hard time understanding why that is ok, but you have to squeeze past opponents. He thinks you have to squeeze past everyone. Also, he moved an opponent into an allies square and left them there, saying that they were squeezed. But I think that squeezing just has to do with moving, ending in someone else's square is still an illegal move. Anyone have a good way of explaining this?

Also, I think the whole knowledge skill is just set up poorly. You have to roll a knowledge check to remember something, identify a creature, etc. So, if you pass, that means you know the info. But if the situation ever comes up again, you should'nt have to roll right? it is already established that you know it. So, when do you get to reroll? When you put more points in that skill? And does the roll represent what you actually know or what you "remember"? If I correctly identify a wriath, will I always be able to correctly identify them? If I remember a bit of infor about them, will I always have the knowledge at my disposal (assuming nothing unnatural makes me forget)? You see my problem. How do you handle knowledge skills?