October 8th, 2005

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OK folks, I have a question for you DMs and players out there. This is something that happened in my last game, and I am still waiting to find out the results from where my group left off from.

Party: (all level 2) Barbarian, elf Rogue, dwarf Cleric, and Sorcerer

we are inside of a dungeon. While walking down a hallway, we find a pile of bones and look to find 40-50 feet up in the air, is a hallway leading off. There is a chain dangling from the ceiling being the only way to get up there.

After we all climb, the rogue leads the group by 10 feet ahead (and forgot to mention the active searching). She notices that there are long lines down the hallway, which look like dagger marks ... but only on the floor. When she gets to the end of the hallway, the entire group hears a 'click' and suddenly roll a will save for some paralyzing flashing lights (barb fails).

One round later, a dull wind starts blowing. This wind increases to hurricaine magnitude winds blowing down the corridor. All of the party thinks that this will quell in 5-10 rounds (std round=6 sec. so up to 1 minute or so ...). so we all hold our ground against the trap. The 2 characters with rope (sorcerer and rogue) both try and tie their ropes to themselves and get them onto the rest of the party.

We all go prone, and then the barbarian gets un-paralyzed. He gets the bright idea to use glue on himself to stick to the ground for 2d4 rounds (i forget what the item is, but it worked). So, here we are ... all tied together, and the glue fails. We eventually all fail our fortitude rolls in a sucession that leads to:

The rogue dangling down the shaft with everyone else tied together at the top, we had already failed the fort/reflex save to stay up there ... so we will find out what is going to happen to us there.

NOTE: The DC on the trap was 25. The rogue would have had to roll a 14 to have seen it. This was based off of the flashing lights spell, not the howling wind spell. AND the howling wind spell was 10 minutes in duration, so we SHOULD have gotten down the shaft to safety before we got to hurricaine force winds.

here is my question:

The rogue is hanging onto the chain up the shaftway, and has 10 feet of slack on the rope ... but is 5-15ft below the group. Everyone else is tied together. The dwarf has a ring of feather fall on her. The shaft is 40-50 feet. What would you have happen to the group?


this is a quick MS Paint drawing of the situation.

here is something else I just made: http://artpad.art.com/?io1r2z1ibcd0
watch it being made as a movie, as it tells the tale.

The rogue starts out 10 feet ahead of the party as they approach the trap. When the trap is set, the rogue ties a 50 foot rope around her waist and it flies back behind her. The cleric, sorcerer, and barbarrian are all tied together. The rogue gets tied to the cleric. When the trap finally pushes everybody to their finishing point, the rogue is hanging onto the chain 5-10 feet below the rest of the group (she is attached to them with 10 feet). The rest of the group is ALL tied together, and just failed their save to be able to stay up there. That is where the group left off.
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Hello, i'm new to this community, and fairly new to DnD. So i need some help. I have a wizard, and I'm almost content with it, but i very interested in prestige classes. All of the wizard type prestige classes ive seen, havent really impressed me much. So if you guys have any suggestions, or preferences ,plz tell.

Im a level 5 wizard... and i know that Archmage is good...but its quite a ways away.

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I watched (most of) the Dungeons and Dragons sequel on Scifi. I gotta say, it was muhc better than the original, though that doesn't say a whole lot. The budget was lower, the special effects were subpar, but it seemed like the writers had certainly opened a D&D book in the making of the film. The opening credits were full of actual illustrations from the Monster Manual, and they kept dropping names like Kuo-Toa and Obad-Hai. The acting was far better than the original D&D, though not really oscar quality, and the black dracolich or whatever it was, had the distinctive Todd Lockwood black dragon features. Not a big release, not great, but damnit it's a damn sight better than what we got fed last time.
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