October 6th, 2005

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I posted a while back on a game that would be played with a character bereft of a memory of recent, climactic events. While planning, I came up with the idea to dole out information to the player by means of a dreams and half-recollections triggered by looking at seemingly mundane objects.

Concerning the dreams, I was thinking of implenting something of a dream world where the player can interact and advance dreams by wisdom checks; only under certain circumstances would I let them directly interact rather than passively observe. For example, let's say the character has been having the same dream now and anon for the past fortnight, with it ending each time after a walk down the same hallway, at a closed door. I might let the player open that door with a Wisdom check, and even if they fail, maybe if they roll high enough, I might uncover some detail that was previously unnoticed. The player would only be passively observing in this instance. I would essentially be revealing more and more layers of the dream to the player.

But, I was also thinking that dream combat would be, to be frank, kickass. I might let the player summon up dream weapons or equipment with a Wisdom check; normal movement could be flouted, with a Wisdom check; death, as far as death could go in a dream, could be shunted with a Wisdom check. There would of course have to be restrictions on these things, such as number of Wisdom checks used towards special actions per round, and exactly what the limits of power would be, but I think it would be the funnest thing in the world (I was totally into Nightmare on Elm Street). I might even have an extended foray into the dream world where direct interraction would be possible at all times; this might be brought on by a comatose state rendered by a head injury or something.

For rules, I was thinking a number of Wisdom checks per round equal to the (Wis modifier)/2, with one being the minimum. This also might improve over time, with maybe one bonus usage added every 2 or 3 levels of consistent usage. For limits of power, those would just have to be eyeballed with discretion by me. Also, I use the Wisdom check because it's simple and ready at hand. Moreover, I'm not going so much for rigid rules as I am a loose model that would let me flow with it, in a manner of speaking.

So, what say you folks? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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The wise men

So yea this is gonna be a real sketchy request but can you guys help me build a group of characters that are in my head that I'm having a hard time making. There called the wisemen's council in my campaigns kingdom (first campaign second session god help me) So far my PC's have all been mindblanked and have been accused of various crimes. The only one in town who believes that they are innocent (well not believes as much as he is positive) is the towns drunk/mad man type deals. Now to the point of this entry I'm trying to make a group of old geezers that are wise and extremly smart that would take a madmans words into account.

But the problem is I can't really think of a class or race for such wise people. I was thinking of the lore one in the DM'S guide (sorry can't rememeber the name of it at the moment) but im not sure.

This is my first campaign and I'm just trying to do my best you guys but MAN IS BEING A DM HARD!!!!!!!!!!!

uh okay well thats pretty much it. In my head there are six wisemen they are extremly old at least 100 years old and they are as neutral as neutral can get even though there is a hint of good in there. well if you get the urge to take a crack at this i would be most grateful. until then Later

Psionic crafting better than magic crafting?

Is there separate rules for psionic and magic item crafting, or do you use the same calculations? (For example, is a continuous psionic power on an item the manifester level x the power's level x 2,000?)

For example, there is an epic-level ring that gives you the ability of a ring of greater energy resistance for all five elements (fire, cold, sonic, acid, electricity). Normally, a ring of energy resistance is 44,000 gp. The DMG states that you adjust the cost by 1.5 when adding additional enchantments to an item already enchanted that takes up a slot (and a ring does indeed take a slot, since you can normally wear just two rings without epic feats), and so you have 44,000 x 66,000(4) for a total of 308,000 (44,000 for the first element, 66,000 for the other four elements). Indeed, there is an epic level ring in the Epic Level Handbook for 308,000 gp that gives you a resistance of 30 to all five. Just as well, I checked the errata, and this cost stands per 3.5 rules (since the Epic Level Handbook was 3.0).


Take a psion venturing to craft the same item. He uses the power Energy Adaptation, which gives you resistances to all energies. This is a 4th level power, and if you manifest it as a 13th level manifester, you get a resistance of 30. So, 4 x 13 x 2,000 = 104,000 gp. This psionic ring does the same thing as the arcane version above, but it has a value of 104,000 gp versus 308,000 gp.

Furthermore, I have a player that wants to craft his weapon with augmented Concussion Blast for 4d6 points of force damage in addition to the damage the weapon deals, and I find his calculations to be horribly low. Unfortunately, I can't find any alternate rules for psionic crafting, which leads me to think either I caught a huge loophole and psionics is that much better for crafting purposes, or I'm completely missing something.


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