October 4th, 2005


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hey guys...
so, I'm doing my thesis project on d&d. {info can be found at this lj, though it's a little out of date.}

i'm trying to get online surveys filled out, but i don't think my website is working properly, and my webmaster is totally jerking me around about it. so, I'm switching to paper surveys at gaming stores, but i'm really worried about this, because most of the female gamers i know refuse to GO to gaming stores at all, due to creepy factor. {note the previous post about male gamer attitudes...}
so i have a couple questions for you guys...
and i'm wondering if you could fill it out, then post a comment to let me know you did? {this way i can track how many responses i'm getting...}
survey is here: http://www.fadingdots.com/survey/survey.cfm?n=introduction

also... have you guys had any issues at gaming stores? if so, what were they, and what have you done about it?

i sooo appreciate any help, i'm getting into panic mode here... :)

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