October 2nd, 2005



What exactly is the strength of ten men? The quick and udmb answer would be the Str of one average man x 10, which would be 100, but that's a ridiculous score.

So let's imagine then that we have one average man attempting a Str check and he has nine average men assisting. A Str score of 10 grants no bonus, but nine men who succeed on a DC10 assist roll each add +2, totalling +18 bonus to assist. A +18 assist bonus is the same as the Str bonus of a character with Str 46.

But then if we assume an average of rolls succeed a flat dc10 Str check without a bonus, then it may well be only half the nine men who sucessfully assist. The assist bonus only becomes +8 (+9 rounded down). And a Str bonus of +8 is a Str Score of 26.

This is pretty confusing as is, how would you folks resolve this?